Originating in India, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that creates a union of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga helps you to relax, relieve stress, and build strength and flexibility through physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques, and meditation. All classes are well suited for beginners. If you are not familiar with yoga, you will be able to participate in the exercises. Mats, straps and blocks are provided.


FULL MOON RETREAT, 20-22.8.2021

A wonderful full moon yoga and wellness retreat is coming in August. There are places still available. See the detailed program and other retreat info on the website and register!

YOGA SUNDAYS IN AUGUST, 8.8 & 15.8.2021

Hatha (gentle & relaxing): 17: 30-18:45

Yin (calm & restorative): 19: 15-20:30

Price: 12 €


Pamper yourself with this wonderful 2-hour yin yoga session. Tonight, you can free yourself from all the pressure of performance and just enjoy. We practice the most relaxing and long-lasting yin yoga postures where the mind turns to a meditative state and the body sinks into deep relaxation. We practice yoga in an atmospheric candlelight and in the energies of the full moon of August.

Price: 20 €



AYURVEDA YOGA SERIES (IN ENGLISH, Tuesday, 29.6-10.8.2021, 18:30-20.00

As sister sciences, Ayurveda and yoga are ancient Indian practices that help us to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Ayurveda is a holistic and preventative healing approach that uses diet, herbs, exercise and lifestyle practices to restore our balance and remove ama (toxins) from our body. This approach recognises that we each have a unique Prakruti or doshic body-mind constitution (Vata, Pitta and Kapha or a combination) that determines our physical appearance, thought patterns and behaviours. Ayurveda regards yoga as the most important form of exercise due to its ability to balance the physical body, create a flow of energy to help direct our attention within, and treat various diseases (Frawley, 2013).

The Ayurveda Yoga series presented over seven sessions aims to increase your awareness of Ayurveda principles and practices, identify your unique Prakruti, and apply this knowledge in yoga classes. In each session, we will:

– discuss a key element of Ayurveda

– share our own relevant experiences and beliefs

– practice yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama based on our Prakruti.

At the end of the series, you may consider taking the next step of joining our Ayurveda lifestyle challenge.

See Schedule below or HERE:

Teacher: Sandra Haukka – Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course + 300-hour Arogya Yoga (Yoga Therapy) Teacher Training Course, 0449878069,

Price: 12€